Thursday, May 28, 2009

INTERNET - MBA Grad Seeks Job With Microsoft; Posts Ad On Facebook

As job options narrow either due to companies downsizing or employees hanging tight, graduates face difficult challenges in their job search. Recent MBA grad from Boston College, Eric Barker took an unconventional approach by marketing himself on Facebook to Microsoft. While he hasn't received a job from Microsoft yet, he has created a buzz around his name gaining several connections and possible opportunities. Full Story via Eric wrote to, “You know that old saying, If your stock broker knows so much, how come he isn’t rich? I think the same thing goes for marketing: ‘If that marketer is so good, he’d better be able to market himself.’” That is just what he did and was successful with it because he found an untapped market, meaning he was the first to run a 'job wanted' ad on Facebook. He also mentioned, "I think this could definitely work for others. The market could quickly get saturated, of course, but given proper targeting this is a good way to reach the right people cheaply and passively — to work on job-hunting even when you’re sleeping." This is something good to keep in mind when searching for new advertising avenues. What are your thoughts?

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