Monday, September 13, 2010

QR Codes and Recruitment

SourceCon posted an article recently about using QR codes in recruitment.

It seemed that most of the time companies using the codes would direct applicant to their main recruitment page.

I see QR codes being as effective as text campaigns for short term events like a large scale hiring event over the course of a month. I would use them to direct candidates to specific detailed pages that can offer information that was unable to be placed in the print ad (maybe include full positions lists or candidate requirements.)

In comparison with a text message campaign, the QR codes do not limit you to 140 characters. It would be interested to see what kind of detailed data could be retrieved from a QR code campaign. With texting, after the campaign runs you have the phone numbers of those that volunteered for information, is there anything comparable for the QR codes?

Here is another recruitment note about QR codes and Siemens' recruitment campaign:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

COMMERCIAL - Windows Live & Internet Memes

Windows Live Photo Gallery jumps on the internet meme wagon by turning the viral video, Double Rainbow into a full-on marketing campaign. Technology and internet memes are at a constant change; so this direction seems to fit in my opinion. The meme and product go nicely hand in hand with capturing life's memorable moments in photos.

If you haven't seen the original YouTube video...Double Rainbow

VIDEO - 100,000 live bees plead for help on billboard

Banrock Station winery created a billboard ad campaign involving the subject-100,000 honey-bees to share their message. The bee-board draws awareness to the decline of the honey-bee population worldwide. The message, SOS is short for, Save Our Swarm. AdFreak - They used queen-bee pheromones to attract a giant swarm of bees. The winery is donating 5p to the honey-bee cause for every bottle sold.