Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SOCIAL NETWORKING - Social Networks, Recruiting, and Achievements

I came across this article about keeping your social networks updated as you hunt for new recruits.

As the playing field changes, the candidates are trying to find new ways to stand out, whether it be a video displaying their attributes to keeping an updated Twitter account about their interests and showing how they actively seek out information in their field.

Candidates will be hunting for companies that share their interests and match up in their social field as well. Times might be tight right now and candidates might jump at any opportunity that shows up, but once the market levels out and more options arise, it is important to maintain and build loyalty among your recruits so as not to lose them once the economy feels safer.

Some people are saying the "ME Generation" is starting to fade due to the economic situation but there are things that remain. Candidates are looking for a company that cares and rewards their efforts but also shows an outward acknowledgement of their achievements and the achievements of the company. Keeping employees and candidates (even your customers) aware of what is going on builds the bond that they may be seeking right now.

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