Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SOCIAL MEDIA - Integrating social media into HR processes

I stumbled across an interesting article today on Personnel Today's website about what the goal behind social media recruitment is.

It seems like many HR professionals may look at the different social networks as a way to find candidates like job boards; but in truth, it is more about developing strong bonds with them and developing relationships with stronger and more fitting candidates by allowing them access to a social network already deep within the company culture.

It is true that many times the amount of people in these groups is vastly reduced in comparison with what kinds of reach you could have with the job boards or a simple newspaper ad but what separates the people active on the social networking sites is the fact that you are reaching directly into you niche target and speaking directly to your candidates.

Take a look at the article to see what John Ingham has to say about "head farming" versus "head hunting."

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