Friday, August 6, 2010

Is your company using a Text Campaign?

If not, consider what a text campaign can offer your company.

  • Text messages may be as long as 140 characters with spaces.
  • Subscriber database is available to client for phone numbers.
  • Subscriber list is not distributed to anyone else.
  • Subscribers can be reached at any time, whether print or radio is running or not
  • Offers ability to gauge reaction to current print and radio campaigns
  • Offers flexible options for last minute events
  • Easy to push hard to fill positions and spotlight them
  • Don’t have to advertise events, but also specific positions
  • When sending texts, you can target all or select markets
  • Candidates can pass the job text on to friends by either forwarding information or simply passing the text number on
  • People carry their cell phones with them everywhere
  • You receive a direct line to active candidates
  • Candidates are selecting to receive your message, this is not unwanted spam!
  • Very few companies have used texting in their recruitment media mix, be one of the first!

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