Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: The Employment Point

Well, we have finally seen the end of the WWE (wrestling) Match...uh, I mean, 2012 Presidential Debate! One thing that each hopeful kind of mulled over; the employment-aspect. Are we sure that we are going to be in an economy where we (as individuals) can thrive?

The Mule and the Pachyderm bicker back and forth of grandiose ideas that each side may have, but ultimately...what's the deal? What is going on guys? We hear a lot of jobs training, tax incentives, labor unions and let's not forget about the off-shore drilling; however, neither side is strumming the right chord as far as the employment economy goes.

What's Trending Now?
  • Rapid growth of self employed
  • Explosion of the social media world (skills for sale market)
  • The emergence of job titles that relatively did not exist a year ago
  • Rejection of the ideas of a traditional employee
  • Fast growth of the social entrepreneur
  • Employees whom follow a skills path in lieu of a career path
  • Companies (not just virtual) that allow workers to work remotely (even in other countries)
Every year, the economy changes. Work is harder to find, as it is definitely not as easy as some of our parents or even grandparents have lived through. No longer can you just walk up to a place of work and hand your resume to someone; we now live in the days of job board posting, panel interviews, phone interviews, web/video interviews...you get the gist. So let's see if the GOP or the DEMOs can get their act straight and get the ball moving on securing stable working environments.

Elections are only a couple of weeks away guys!

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