Monday, October 25, 2010

McDonald's Ads Recruitment Theme


Mercy Volunteer Society: Sign up. Save a life.

via: "Whom do you entrust your CV with?"


School of Visual Arts: Don't Depend on Luck

R/GA Explores the personal lives of employees

The recent video that has been posted covers the DJs within the company.
A previous video post tackled those that had tattoos.

Dipping into the lives of your current employees allows you to define an image of your comapny that potential candidates can identify with. The highlights may not speak to all of your employees but it opens the door for a discussion and sets the tone of your company for employees. While your company may not be quite as informal as to highlight DJing and Tattoos, there is always something within the lives of your employees that candidates can connect with and you can utilize to establish a founding bond between your company and potential hires.