Monday, September 30, 2013

TNT's Guerrilla Marketing Stunt = Awesome!

A Belgian agency, Duval Guillaume Modem used guerrilla advertising for TNT which
generated 4.5 million views in its first 24 hours. This advertising approach was set to be one of the most viral ads of the year.

TNT set up an area on an open corner somewhere in Belgian, with a plank that had a button on top with a sign above it that reads, “Push for Drama”. Once the button is pushed a theatrical display is performed, with lots of drama acted out by various actors. After the performance a banner unveils from the building that says “Your daily dose of drama TNT”.

Guerrilla advertising is an entirely different marketing approach. It’s interactive, unique, engaging and most of all an attention grabber. This advertising strategy is a thought-provoking concept that conveys and promotes a product or an idea.
There are different types of Guerrilla such as, graffiti, flash mobs, giant elevator ads that move up and down with the elevator, pretty much anything that are creative non-traditional ways of advertising the products.

There are many advantages in this marketing strategy; the main advantage is that it is unexpected and catches us off guard, which causes an emotional response whether it’s laughter, sadness or even shock.

This type of earned media gets people talking, when people see the advertisement they will not only remember it but will spread the word generating awareness.