Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Facebook vs. Twitter

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University of Gent Print Ad

"Not everything's in a book. Dare to think."


Kings of Leon Music Video Casting

Kings of Leon have called attention to the casting agency ad that requested that applicants have physical deformities. The post was listed on


iPads for Kaplan Thaler Employees

Rewarding employees can help strengthen loyalty within companies. The rewards might not have to be quite like The Kaplan Thaler Group which rewarded every employee with an iPad but even offering shares to employees or simply taking a cue from FedEx with their increase in salaries and benefits over the course of time help strengthen a company, both in terms of current employees and potential recruits.

When you do a search for your company's name + employees, what kind of results turn up?

Kaplan Thaler:

Monday, December 6, 2010

How far would your employees go to help save the company?

Employees for an airline have released a calendar of themselves to help raise money and boost interest in the company. Would your employees do something like this to save your company?