Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Alive! Patriot's New Website

We took our new website live today!
Patriot Advertising
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SEO Manager Wanted. Bots Need Not Apply

This is a unique method that MailOnline used, to targeted their recruitment ad precisely to SEO techies. -The newspaper embedded an ad in its robots.txt file, a place there is no reason for any human to look. This is a file strictly to be read by the crawlers from search engines. It tells them what pages to index and what not to. For normal humans, there’s nothing of interest there, as you have may already have discovered if you clicked the link.

Full Story from

The ad says,
# August 12th, MailOnline are looking for a talented SEO Manager so if you found this then you’re the kind of techie we need!

# Send your CV to holly dot ward at mailonline dot co dot uk

Friday, August 6, 2010

Is your company using a Text Campaign?

If not, consider what a text campaign can offer your company.

  • Text messages may be as long as 140 characters with spaces.
  • Subscriber database is available to client for phone numbers.
  • Subscriber list is not distributed to anyone else.
  • Subscribers can be reached at any time, whether print or radio is running or not
  • Offers ability to gauge reaction to current print and radio campaigns
  • Offers flexible options for last minute events
  • Easy to push hard to fill positions and spotlight them
  • Don’t have to advertise events, but also specific positions
  • When sending texts, you can target all or select markets
  • Candidates can pass the job text on to friends by either forwarding information or simply passing the text number on
  • People carry their cell phones with them everywhere
  • You receive a direct line to active candidates
  • Candidates are selecting to receive your message, this is not unwanted spam!
  • Very few companies have used texting in their recruitment media mix, be one of the first!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

VIDEO - The Big Ad Gig

The Big Ad Gig is offering five 30-day entry level positions to creatives that create the best videos integrating supplied "abstract nuggets" found online at their website.  

Monday, August 2, 2010

INTERNET - Ze Frank Hiring for New "Stealth Social Gaming Startup"

Popular internet personality Ze Frank is now hiring for a new start up venture. He has already raised $500,000 for the startup.

Hunting for:
Full or Part Time Front End Developer/Interaction Designer (4+ years experience)
Part Time Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Interaction Designer (4+ years experience)

Only considering candidates living in Los Angeles or willing to move.
Check out the postings here:

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