Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HR - American Apparel Hiring Practices

Gawker has run several posts about American Apparel's hiring practices and requirements and they have been taking heat from it.

American Apparel Has a 'Full Body Head to Toe' Employment Policy

American Apparel: Internal Documents Reveal Uglies Not Welcome

American Apparel's Complete Guide to Grooming

American Apparel Issues Statement; Dov Charney Asks You to Call Him

Life at American Apparel: The Employees Speak
American Apparel's job and employment page:

Americal Apparel's Blog:

If any hiring practices memos or documents were leaked from your company, are there things that would cause this kind of reaction? Is the reaction this is creating very different from other clothing line stores' hiring practices?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PR - Recruitment Scam Puts Spotlight on BP

There are currently two recent online scams running that use BP as a cover. There is a BP Job Scam and a Lottery Scam. The Job Scam says that you are elligible for a job if you pay for your training and enter additional pieces of personal information. The Lottery Scam states that you have won an amount of money from BP.
Find more details at:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Social Media - Simply Hired Facebook App

Simply Hired recently launched a Facebook app listed on their website. You login from Simply Hired to your Facebook account,your activity with them is not posted on your wall or Newsfeeds, and you can then search for jobs by key words or browse the companies that employ your Facebook friends. You can message friends directly or if you click on their employer you are able to see available job listings.

HR - "... Need Not Apply"

It seems there have been quite a few articles about one person or another need not apply to certain recruitment ads. Just thought I would post the most recent here.

Unemployed Need Not Apply

Status Quo Fans Need Not Apply

Ugly People Need Not Apply

Thursday, June 10, 2010

INTERNSHIP - Internship with AOL

With job requirements like reporting to the CEO, getting paid to have VIP access of events and concerts and getting a luxery apartment in San Francisco, who would want this internship with AOL? Evidently a lot of people who are willing to lifestream their daily events. :D
Even if you missed the chance to apply, check the website on June 14th and vote for the lucky person who snags the internship. (They will be posting 3 videos to choose from.)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

PRINT - Corporate Culture in Recruitment Ads

Recruitment ads are not just about the positions you are hiring but also the image your candidates have about your company. Personalizing you ad and involving your culture and environment give candidates a view of more than just a position but also to things that may weigh heavily on their decision. Although this ad is simple, the message about how they differ from some competitors is clear.