Friday, July 30, 2010 - ERE Coverage of amending the .Jobs charter

Does your company own a .jobs domain? This concerns you.
I wanted to pass along some links to articles tackling the amending of the .Jobs charter.
A short description of what started this:

In 2005 Employ Media was granted the right to sell .jobs addresses to employers who use their corporate name in the address. Thus, is allowed, whereas is not. In addition, the company could only use the address for its own jobs and had to subscribe to a code of ethics.

However, last fall Employ Media and its partner DirectEmployers Association launched the first of what was to be thousands of job boards using generic names, including The project was only halted after ICANN sent letters to Employ Media and to the Society for Human Resource Management, which sponsored the .jobs domain plan in 2005 and still oversees it.

via John Zappe in his coverage on


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

INTERNET - 4chan Founder's New Startup is now Hiring
Stumbled across this today and thought I would share.
Christopher Poole, known as Moot on 4chan, is currently hiring front- and back-end developers for a start up known as Canvas. His current site 4chan receives approximately 8.2 million unique hits a month.
Although keeping quiet about what Canvas is, he has been able to raise 625,000 in funding from VC investors.

Here is the Job Posting:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Student Recruitment - New Spice | Study like a scholar, scholar

This is a spot promoting studying at the Harold B. Lee Library.
Find out more details at:
Here is the behind the scenes video:

Monday, July 26, 2010

VIDEO - Guy Walks Across America

Stumbled across this great video on adfreak this morning. They made a post saying something like this should be the new American tourism ad, so in a way it is recruitment. ;)

Want to see the actual route they traveled?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Social Media: The Social Media Bubble

The Harvard Business Review had a blog post recently that has caused quite a stir but really has some interesting points about relationships created through social media. Check out the article below. Your thoughts?
Although the article is not targeted towards recruitment some of the points can be applied. When it comes to brands online through the social networks I actually believe there is the potential to truly strengthen and build your audience as long as a brand maintains an active role rather than merely having a presence. Staying active and involved is key.

COLLEGE RECRUITMENT: University of Aarhus: The world’s smallest brochure

Finding a way to directly reach out and address your audience's interests in a manner that applies their interests is a great way to actively involve them with your brand. Aarhus University did a great job interacting with their Molecular Biology students by creating such a small brochure that students needed a microscope to read the material. Are you reaching out to your target audience on their own turf?

Businesses, Social Networks, Recruiting

EMarketer posted an interesting article about companies using and not using social media networks in their recruitment. Listed as the highest use and hiring rate was LinkedIn, followed by Facebook and Twitter (although quite lower in effectiveness.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010