Thursday, May 28, 2009

INTERNET - MBA Grad Seeks Job With Microsoft; Posts Ad On Facebook

As job options narrow either due to companies downsizing or employees hanging tight, graduates face difficult challenges in their job search. Recent MBA grad from Boston College, Eric Barker took an unconventional approach by marketing himself on Facebook to Microsoft. While he hasn't received a job from Microsoft yet, he has created a buzz around his name gaining several connections and possible opportunities. Full Story via Eric wrote to, “You know that old saying, If your stock broker knows so much, how come he isn’t rich? I think the same thing goes for marketing: ‘If that marketer is so good, he’d better be able to market himself.’” That is just what he did and was successful with it because he found an untapped market, meaning he was the first to run a 'job wanted' ad on Facebook. He also mentioned, "I think this could definitely work for others. The market could quickly get saturated, of course, but given proper targeting this is a good way to reach the right people cheaply and passively — to work on job-hunting even when you’re sleeping." This is something good to keep in mind when searching for new advertising avenues. What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PRINT - Odd beasts abound in Seattle's film-fest ads

This is a fun advertising campaign, "Find the unexpected" done by WongDoody for the Seattle International Film Festival. Look closely at each and find small silhouettes that make up the overall image. Quite unexpected huh? This is a creative approach to get the public interacting with the theme, each poster remaining consistent to the campaign, but providing a new visually puzzling challenge.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PRINT - Creative recruitment

I love this.. A fun way to tie in job materials, as well as a play on imagery. This is a fun way to catch a candidate's interest for a specific position.

Monday, May 18, 2009

HR - 5 Reasons to Continue Developing Your Candidate Pipeline

I am so happy to have come accross this article. I was a bit on a rant about this yesterday. Over the weekend I heard a few people say, "you know, the economy." The economy seems to have become more of an excuse to give up. While times are more difficult than before, companies can either fall to the wayside or they can take advantage of the situation. When the economy is bad, many businesses begin a hiring freeze and wait around to see what others do. A forward thinking company will take action and perceive new challenges and opportunities. listed 5 powerful reasons why companies that want to come out on top will continue to develop their candidate pipeline.


1. Pipeline development is part of their growth strategy. You don’t wait until it snows to gather firewood, and these companies don’t wait until they need a hire to start identifying candidates who are equipped to be a part of their company’s success.
2. They know that long-term hiring success requires a process. It is a lot easier to keep a fire going than it is to start one, so these companies will start an ongoing dialogue with candidates with the intention of making an offer when the time is right.
3. A developed candidate pipeline removes major competition from the equation. When the time to hire arrives, these companies either have their offer prepared or they are at the top of the candidate’s mind. This reduces the chances of a salary war.
4. Having qualified candidates on hand minimize delays in production. Sometimes unforeseen events can cause the ball to be dropped. A developed and managed candidate pipeline allows these companies to rebound quickly and efficiently.
5. A company that is actively recruiting is considered a strong company. By continuing to engage prospective candidates, these companies strengthen their own company brand among others in their industry and remain aware of other trends within their market segment.

Will your company be prepared? Or will you rush and miss the opportunities to get the top candidates when you need them?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

VIDEO - Recruiting gamers, Nintendo Wii

This may not be a commercial recruiting job seekers, but Nintendo takes a nice approach to reaching new and old gamers to check out their upcoming release, "Punch Out!" Recruitment videos should be just as fun. Get footage of your employees on the jobsite doing their job, talking about challenges that face them throughout the day and plan of attack to reach goals. It could make for interesting concepts in different industries.

Friday, May 8, 2009

VIDEO - Cisco Recruitment Video

Recruitment videos are a great way to provide candidates with an insight to your company. It gives them an idea of the opportunities available for positions, locations, activities, and how they can use their skills across the board. Talking about why your company is important to the community and how your employees will make an impact can be powerful. Job seekers want an idea of the daily tasks that will be expected of them as well as an insight to the people and environment. Why not show them? Are you getting your message out for jobs seekers to easily access online?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ALTERNATIVE PRINT - More examples of speaking directly to your target

These are some good examples of recruitment ads that relate directly to the position they are looking fill. Click the images for full view.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009