Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at Patriot Advertising, Inc.

Monday, November 24, 2008

NONTRADITIONAL - Second Life used for virtual recruiting by State of Missouri

I've had this bookmarked for a while and decided to go ahead and post it.
It is a nice overview about the State of Missouri using Second Life to recruit IT professionals. What are your thoughts on virtual job fairs? I'm somewhat mixed, it really depends on the industry. As far as Second Life goes, I wonder where it falls when it comes to it's current growth and how other online networks compare.

Friday, November 21, 2008

NONTRADITIONAL - Twitter for Recruiting (Hiring) - Bryan Starbuck

Well, I was hunting around to see what I could find about Starbuck's Recruiting but stumbled across this video instead.
This is an excellent video by Bryan Starbuck explaining Twitter and how you can apply it towards your recruitment.

Evidently it was part of a post for on Wednesday.

It covers 3 basics of Twitter: What is it? How do you start using it? And is it a waste of time? All of the explanations are very well displayed and this is a great source if you have never considered using Twitter to find candidates.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NONTRADITIONAL - Meet America’s Top Guerilla Marketer

This may not be recruitment, but it is an excellent interview with Sam Ewen, a leader in alternative marketing.
via Fast Company:
Interference Shakes Up Traditional Marketing - Sam Ewen - General Electric

Just because this is all more geared towards product sales doesn't mean you can't take anything away from it. They make and excellent point of finding innovative ways to jump out from the standard advertising noise that assaults your targets every day. It is important to reach past that clutter but not make yourself a new annoyance. Even once you do find a way to step out there, it won't be long before others take hold of the idea and start building to it as well. From there the challenge begins again towards finding something different that is able to stand out. It is a long and grueling battle but in the end that is where you find the real gems of marketing and advertising be it recruitment or otherwise.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LAW - The new FMLA: Top 10 changes you must comply with

The HR Specialist makes another great post detailing the changes made to the FMLA since being enacted 15 years ago. These changes take effect January 16, 2009.

Topics cover military caregivers, notice obligations and rights, health conditions, attendance and several more topics.

Additional information available at:

Monday, November 17, 2008

GOVERNMENT - Candidates in Reserve

ERE reports on a program where 48 companies have signed an agreement with the US Army Reserve that guarantees interested reservists an interview to those beginning or ending their duty or who may be looking for a career change. Even training is being developed to better suit the active employers. This is an excellent source of new potential talent. What kinds of relations does your company have with the government armed forces?


Friday, November 14, 2008

LAW - New president, new Congress: 5 new employment laws could reshape HR

HR Specialist made a great post today: Here is an excellent article on 5 new laws that could change HR with the new president.
Have any thoughts/comment on any of them in particular?

GENERATION - Can't the 'We' campaigns all just get along?

It certainly appears that this up and coming generation seems to be collecting quite a variety of nicknames. Although this video has a definite political skew, it is the tone that is important to notice. No matter what you call the generation to describe it, the empowerment of their choice and their ability to make a difference with their decisions seems to be at the forefront of their values.
Take this into account when developing your recruitment strategies and programs you make available for them. With the recruiting atmosphere seeming to tighten a bit with the coming months, it is important to engange and actively display how much you value your employees, both for the general tone of your company and for the eyes of the potential candidates.

Check out the article/video from!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

INTERNET - Navigaya Multimedia Platform

I have always wondered what the internet would look like within the next few years. Navigaya is an amazing multimedia platform that I came across tonight on Brand Flakes for Breakfast that enables users to browse a series of search engines, customize playlists, listen to music, stay in tuned with events of interest, and best of all connect with others.

Research • Connect • Relax - Nice huh?

WARNING! You are at high risk of addiction - Navigaya

Monday, November 10, 2008

RECRUITING - The Future of Recruiting is in the Cloud

With the advances in technology, it is important for recruiters to get ahead of the game. Businesses have to compete with one another on two different fronts, one being products and services, and the other being employee recruitment. Most graduating college students are on social networking websites. Wouldn't it be great to have your business in the back of their minds as they enter the job market? Businesses should consider starting an e-blast which sends updates to interested candidates. This makes it easier on the potential future employees, because they do not need to search your website for news and updates. This video discusses the recruiting power of web 2.0.

Friday, November 7, 2008

NON-TRADITIONAL - NEWS UPDATE! Ninja Cats Invade Australia!

On top of sales in Australia, Toyota Corolla takes a bold approach in advertising with an awesome use of cinematography in their latest commercial. Toyota does a great job appealing to a passive audience by creating a unique concept that grasps the viewers' attention until the end by implementing a story line. Toyota elevates the Corolla to a new class by enhancing the audio and visuals giving the Corolla a sleek action packed character.

Check out Toyota Corolla's interactive website dedicated to this campaign - Corolla Packed With Action

Thursday, November 6, 2008

INTERNET - Professional Networking through Twitter

As the world advances in the new internet age so do advertising markets. New avenues to advertise begin to emerge. Most recently is the social networking boom. Millions of people are logging on to see what their friends are doing at any given moment. Everyone has heard of Myspace and Facebook; but there is a another networking site much more basic than these that both individuals and businesses are beginning to make the most of. The social networking website Twitter allows people and businesses to give quick, immediate, painless updates. You may begin to wonder, who cares if John is downtown at a coffee shop? Well, John could be downtown at a coffee shop enjoying a break from a conference that may interest you. If utilized properly to benefit professional needs, Twitter can actually become a very powerful tool to track events in your profession or increase your network with individuals who may be able to assist with business decisions. I came across this audio on The Recruiting Animal that talks about the opposing viewpoints of Twitter between friends as to professional use. This may be a bit lengthy but in a comical tone provides some useful information.

Listen! - Twitter's Professional Advantages

What's great about Twitter is that you can search for an event or industry "tweets"(status updates) that can put you in contact with others in your industry who are attending a field related conference or event. Twitter can be found at - Twitter - Social Networking

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

UPDATE: EVENT PROMO - Starbucks Free Java Violates Election Law, State Says

Don't sweat it! Every customer is now entitled to receive a free cup of joe in celebration of election day. According to Washington state officials, Starbucks will be violating election laws if they choose to follow through with an election day "voters only" promotion. Federal law prohibits any gift to those who vote; there is no difference between a free cup of coffee and a bribe to vote. Ben & Jerry's has also avoided the election conflict by offering a free scoop of ice-cream to anyone for three hours in the evening who comes into their stores. This is a great little reminder for companies and their advertising agencies to look into and follow the laws before approaching a new campaign idea. Don't forget your free cup of joe!

Read more.
Election Day Violation

Monday, November 3, 2008

EVENT PROMO - If you vote, Starbucks buys your coffee

Now is a great time for businesses to take advantage of the hottest topic in America, the Presidential Election. Tomorrow, Starbucks is celebrating the importance of voting by rewarding voters with a free cup of coffee. This approach will appeal to those non-traditional Starbucks consumers by drawing them into the store, while increasing the chances of add-on sales. This allows customers to become more aware of the food and drink items available. Consumers appreciate generosity and will in turn; reward Starbucks by returning as a paying customer.