Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why Putting Your Business on LinkedIn is Beneficial

                                                                                                                                                                                   Why putting your business on LinkedIn is a good idea      
Not many small businesses know the benefits of using LinkedIn to their advantage. Here are mainly a few:
Networking with industry professionals: This benefit should be reason enough to put your business on LinkedIn. No other social networking platform connects you better to your peers than LinkedIn. LinkedIn even suggests contacts for you to connect with in your industry. Businesses in your industry all face the same problems, but networking on LinkedIn will offer you different ideas on how to solve them. Your business has much to gain from networking. 

The opportunity to establish credibility within your industry: Another great aspect about LinkedIn is that with the forum and exchange of ideas and problems, you have the opportunity to build ethos by solving industry issues. Helping professionals with their problems will go a long way for your business. Add as much as you can to the conversation and people will view your business in an authoritative light.

Stay updated on your industry: Join a group of professionals and add some new contacts to your network. Doing this will ensure you stay updated on your industry - learning new and improved ways to run your business along the way. Make sure your profile is public so people can get to learn a little more about your business as well. 

Researching your business' industry: LinkedIn is an absolute gem for industry research and it is in your business' best interest to use this to your advantage. Find new hires, discover new trends or find the most influential people in your industry. Good LinkedIn research allows you to learn about your current and future competitors. A step on the path to being the best is learning from the best. Use LinkedIn to find the best and learn from them.

Promote your site's content: Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn also has a news feed that streams to everyone in your network. Use this opportunity to drive traffic to your site's blog. Keep everyone in your industry updated on what you're working on and they may help you in the future.

Increased awareness: The goal of any business on the internet should be to increase your business' awareness. You are already on Facebook and Twitter. Why not tap into the 100 million+ users on LinkedIn? Use LinkedIn to grow your business by letting people know your business exists.
LinkedIn can also be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Take advantage of the platform using these strategies and you will give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

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