Friday, February 13, 2009

VIDEO - There’s No 45-minute Wait for This Video - Cheesecake Factory
Found this video for the Cheesecake Factory via
The video cost $30,000 and took about two months to produce. It is a 4 minute video and people normally stick around to watch until around 3:48 minutes. The 4 minute video has 4 topics it covers, devoting about 1 minute to each. Aside from posting online, those that are hired and are running through the new hire orientation watch the video. There is a reported average of 40,000 people watching the video per year.
What are your thoughts on the presentation? One thing that disappointed me some was the fact it was not on Those that work there and blog could easily post it to show their friends and spread the word. It can, however, be found through Google Video.

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