Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RECRUITMENT - Take a picture, it lasts longer

It would be easier to receive information important to you on the go never having to worry about forgetting it. Jagtag offers a marketing solution for busy consumers. A simple point-click and texting in, Jagtag responds with the advertisement info for you to refer back to at your convenience.

I think Jagtag would make recruitment advertising more effective. If a job seeker is at a store, career fair or browsing through a newspaper or magazine and comes across a recruitment ad, they could simply take snapshot with their cell phone storing it for later. This is a great way to for candidates to interact with your brand, keeping it fresh in their mind. When looking for a job, taking a quick photo of a code beats getting out a pen and paper to write down information for an upcoming career fair your company is participating in, or even your career website. That notepad paper would probably end up smashed in a wallet or lost between the car seats. A code stored in your cell could be linked directly to your career page or setup as a reminder of an upcoming career fair. As QR codes and Jagtags become more recognized and used, I hope to see it become part of the recruitment advertising's future.

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