Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RECRUITMENT - Countercyclical Hiring: The Greatest Recruiting Opportunity in the Last 25 Years

Although budgets may be tight and hiring freezes are taking place, this may be an optimal time for companies to take advantage of recruiting top talent. While your competitors are laying low and waiting for things to turn around, experienced individuals in management positions are being let go and now within your reach to build your dream team. The upside of taking this approach is that demand is rising for job seekers, and supply is down on the employer's end-meaning companies have a broader spectrum to recruit the top experienced candidates. Ere.net makes a good point when saying this is not only a time to recruit the unemployed, but employees at your competitors company are probably overworked, stressed out, and are likely open to looking at other employment options. Those hired to take their place, may feel like you have "saved" them from the current economy situation and be quite loyal. Dr. John Sullivan at ere.net wrote a good article that goes into further detail: Countercyclical Hiring

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