Friday, August 21, 2009

PRINT - (Update) CBS embeds 40-minute video ad inside 'Entertainment Weekly'

Here is a snippet of the bite-sized video ad in the September 18th issue of Entertainment Weekly. I want one! AdFreak made an interesting point about the effectiveness of the ad, stating, "As a stunt, it's extremely effective. As a new form of media, it's dead out of the water without some more interactivity. It's too bad it can't respond to its environment and work together with an out-of-home campaign." Hmm... an interactive ad...smellivision for perfume brands with menu selection, personality tests in celebrity magazines with results immediately updated, promotional ad campaign where user can customize whatever it is representing the promotion to their likings and show off to others, recruitment interactive tests for potential candidates to see how a company would suit them. Oh what the future can bring. Have a great weekend!