Friday, July 30, 2010 - ERE Coverage of amending the .Jobs charter

Does your company own a .jobs domain? This concerns you.
I wanted to pass along some links to articles tackling the amending of the .Jobs charter.
A short description of what started this:

In 2005 Employ Media was granted the right to sell .jobs addresses to employers who use their corporate name in the address. Thus, is allowed, whereas is not. In addition, the company could only use the address for its own jobs and had to subscribe to a code of ethics.

However, last fall Employ Media and its partner DirectEmployers Association launched the first of what was to be thousands of job boards using generic names, including The project was only halted after ICANN sent letters to Employ Media and to the Society for Human Resource Management, which sponsored the .jobs domain plan in 2005 and still oversees it.

via John Zappe in his coverage on


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