Thursday, January 15, 2009

GOVERNMENT - Guard Won’t Hold Recruits to Contracts if Bonuses Aren’t Authorized

Pic via: An Army recruiter had sent them a copy of what they had one of their recruits sign after he was promised a 25k bonus in his contract.
While hunting around for new army recruitment news I came across this through Google.
The Fiscal 2008 National Defense Authorization Act has not been passed by Congress yet and this Act includes funding for the bonuses National Guard recruits were to receive. Changes must be made in regard to provisions dealing with Iraq before Bush will sign the bill. More details in regard to the bill can be found at:
Army Secretary Pete Geren noted that if the bill is not passed and National Guard recruits do not receive the money promised, then they will no longer have to honor their contract.

More details towards recruiting reactions and related material can be found here:

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