Friday, January 9, 2009

HR - Recruiting Predictions for 2009

David Manaster posted his predictions for HR in 2009 on

One I would add?

Smaller niche ad firms will rise in recruitment as large agencies resist adopting reasonable rate structures.

Aside from recruitment moving in house and away from agencies, they may in turn start hunting down agencies that offer realistic rates to help handle their placements and planning. All sides of business are feeling a crunch and many don't have the extra cash to be throwing away $1,500 on 1 ad design. Recruitment ad agencies are going to have to start working smarter and harder for their clients to help them meet their goals. This doesn't mean they can't earn their money off their work, but appropriate rate structures can't be ignored. Not on the recruitment side, but this request was already seen between a GM and the large agencies involved with them.
Your thoughts?

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