Thursday, April 30, 2009

SOCIAL NETWORKING - Online Social Recruiting Effect Chances of Getting a Job?

Online social networking can benefit and maximize job seekers chances of being hired if utilized in a professional way. However, should candidates create a separate profile from their personal for employers to check out? Can interests, social or religious beliefs listed in a personal profile change a recruiters mind from hiring someone? With as many individuals signed up on social networking sites across the Internet, these job seekers risk the chances of becoming easily exposed to potential employers. It's important that job seekers keep this question in mind when managing their online profiles. takes a look on this issue: Meet Your New Job Candidate—and Her Life Story. Be sure to listen to the interview.

On the same note, today Cheezhead talked about a CareerBuilder Sales Rep who posted negative comments about her workday and clients on Twitter. Read what she had to say: CareerBuilder sales rep’s a real ‘twit’. As the Internet progresses, we all become more connected with each other, thinning the dividing line between an ordinary person and somebody in the entertainment industry. YouTube has proved this. With the Dominos incident in the recent weeks, and this Careerbuilder rep, it is an important reminder for job seekers to manage their online profiles professionally and avoid negatively exploiting their name all over the Internet.

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