Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PRINT / MOBILE - Can mobile save print classifieds?

Here's a great article talking about the power of combining mobile marketing with print advertising. Cheezehead: Can mobile save print classifieds? Rather than online taking viewers away from print, print advertising combined with mobile marketing can be an effective way to route your candidates to your online corporate and social networking websites. It is important that you maintain your brand offline—through print—in order to build brand awareness and encourage candidates to stay in-tuned, receiving your updates. By providing them alternative ways—on all media spectrums—to receive immediate updates and information about your company, keeps you at the top of their minds. The info you provide can be anywhere from job fairs, openings, or events your company takes part in. After all, we are in an age where we feel the need to have information at the tip of our fingers at any given moment. A simple way to direct job seekers to online or start receiving your updates through their phones, is posting a number that they can text in, at the bottom of your ads as well as mentioning it during your radio spots. It's a fun and interactive way for job seekers to become involved and informed about your company. What are your thoughts?

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