Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ONLINE - 10 reasons why niche sites will survive

This is an interesting article from cheezhead talking about why niche job posting boards are good way to reach your target market.

Via here -
1. Relevance: niche/local boards deliver targeted traffic of local job seekers or industry specific industries.
2. Cost: posting jobs on these smaller job sites often cost much less than the big guys and provide more bang for the buck.
3. Job Description: does anyone think the job description is going away? Recruiters need somewhere to post it.
4. Social Networks: I think these pipelines are best for sourcing and branding, not for filling immediate needs.
5. Hard to fill: in any economy there are always talent shortages in certain industries. Job boards will always exist to serve those needs.
6. Leads: recruiters are trained to use job boards. They’re not trained to use social networks. They still need leads for open positions.
7. SEO: job boards are better at driving search engine traffic to jobs than any employer or social networking group will ever be. Most candidates start their searches on Google.
8. Small business: they need job boards; we are their ATS! Small businesses create the most jobs, and their business owners need a quick and simple solution.
9. Evolution: job boards are morphing from just places to post jobs into valuable, relevant online talent communities.
10. Effectiveness: job boards still work.

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