Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HR - Improving Interviews by Using Forced-Choice Questions to Replace Yes-No Questions

Once you have selected a pool of candidates for a position the next step is the interview; but weeding through the potential candidates and finding the one that will fit best with your company in both technical skills and being able to work in your environment can be had to pin point because of how questions are asked in the pre-interview or interview process. The following article presents a way to help narrow down your choice by eliminating the "Yes-No" questions and replacing them with something called "Forced Choice" questions. One example of these "Forced Choice" questions involves ranking a series of options in order of importance or ability and it will help rank your candidates. Granted, they can still answer according to what they think the position will require but it may still help narrow down your choices, if even a little. Article via ere.net:

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