Friday, May 18, 2012

Ad Shout-Out to Tyler Perry

Just how far would you go to garner the attention of a film maker?
New Jersey-bred, 23-year old Racquel Bailey decided to bring her "close-up" to a large billboard just outside of film maker, Tyler Perry's Atlanta film studio. How much did this extreme shout-out set Ms. Bailey back in the bank? $1,500! That's a bit pricey to hopefully catch the interest of someone with the likes of Tyler Perry. Although, it may be just what he's looking offense to Tyler Perry as a person, but his movies are not all that entertaining. Ah, but who am I? Certainly not a film maker, nor an actor...come to think of it, I'm not even anywhere near famous or interesting myself. BUT, I digress, I do have a voice, and my opinion has been made.

So good luck Ms. Bailey from New Jersey! I think you will have a sure shot in a Tyler Perry film. "Online commenters have generally cheered Bailey's moxie, though the skills on display in her performance reel garnered mixed reviews." (quoted by David Gianatasio) 


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