Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monster Advertises New Social Connections

Think of it as a Facebook-connection for job-seekers and employers alike. Almost a year after launching BeKnown, its Facebook-based business network and competitor to BranchOut, Monster is now enabling its network members to see who they know at companies offering jobs on Monster.com.

IT'S SIMPLE: Job seekers searching Monster are invited to “See who you know.” A click pops up a list of their BeKnown connections who work at that particularcompany. Those not already on BeKnown get an invitation to join, needing only a Facebook login. So what if you do not have a Facebook account (as some of us out there shockingly do not); yet again, simple: create one.

The advantage for job seekers is obvious. Getting inside a company with a personal connection and recommendation is so far superior to merely clicking the “Apply” button that it makes the latter only a little better than buying a lottery ticket. For employers, the advantages aren’t quite as obvious, but they are there. For one, employee referrals are generally better qualified, so it helps the cream rise to the top. It’s also an opportunity for Monster clients to use their employees’ connections to reach better candidates, something that Jobvite has now been doing for years.

There's got to be a cost, right? WRONG-O! This feature is absolutely free! A win-win for job-seekers and employers alike.

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