Friday, June 27, 2008


Headline: “Papa India Lima Oscar Tango Sierra. Whiskey Alpha November Tango Echo Delta.”
Body: India’s leading private airline is looking.
Send your details to: or call +91 9819010107.

Reaching out towards your targets, in a way that only they are going to understand, grabs their attention and creates a connection with them that makes your message like an inside joke. This is a great way to open communication between your candidates and your company. People that did not pick up the "Pilots Wanted" are not the target demographic and that added connection between you and your candidates really helps you stand out from traditional ads that are very general.

This provides a great chance to take a look at the positions you are hiring for and what is so unique about them and apply an everyday career nuance to your ad with the benefit of a stronger connection to your potential candidates.

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