Thursday, November 6, 2008

INTERNET - Professional Networking through Twitter

As the world advances in the new internet age so do advertising markets. New avenues to advertise begin to emerge. Most recently is the social networking boom. Millions of people are logging on to see what their friends are doing at any given moment. Everyone has heard of Myspace and Facebook; but there is a another networking site much more basic than these that both individuals and businesses are beginning to make the most of. The social networking website Twitter allows people and businesses to give quick, immediate, painless updates. You may begin to wonder, who cares if John is downtown at a coffee shop? Well, John could be downtown at a coffee shop enjoying a break from a conference that may interest you. If utilized properly to benefit professional needs, Twitter can actually become a very powerful tool to track events in your profession or increase your network with individuals who may be able to assist with business decisions. I came across this audio on The Recruiting Animal that talks about the opposing viewpoints of Twitter between friends as to professional use. This may be a bit lengthy but in a comical tone provides some useful information.

Listen! - Twitter's Professional Advantages

What's great about Twitter is that you can search for an event or industry "tweets"(status updates) that can put you in contact with others in your industry who are attending a field related conference or event. Twitter can be found at - Twitter - Social Networking

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