Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NONTRADITIONAL - Meet America’s Top Guerilla Marketer

This may not be recruitment, but it is an excellent interview with Sam Ewen, a leader in alternative marketing.
via Fast Company:
Interference Shakes Up Traditional Marketing - Sam Ewen - General Electric

Just because this is all more geared towards product sales doesn't mean you can't take anything away from it. They make and excellent point of finding innovative ways to jump out from the standard advertising noise that assaults your targets every day. It is important to reach past that clutter but not make yourself a new annoyance. Even once you do find a way to step out there, it won't be long before others take hold of the idea and start building to it as well. From there the challenge begins again towards finding something different that is able to stand out. It is a long and grueling battle but in the end that is where you find the real gems of marketing and advertising be it recruitment or otherwise.


Ray said... surveyed human resource professionals and recruiters about which of the top 10 job sites they found the best candidates on, survey results here:

Linkedin didnt do so well.

Patriot said...

Thanks for the link!