Monday, March 15, 2010

CANDIDATES - Hey Facebook, Hire Sarah Sultan for the All Online Operations position!

The way candidates are reaching out to their potential employers is increasing in their visibility. Sarah Sultan created a Facebook Group in order to call attention to her proactive nature in vying for the All Online Operations position. Before her, there have been a few other that have taken the route of creating a website to help bolster their efforts. chronicled Eric Romer's campaign to be hired and continued updating upon being hired to keep his following involved in his company's activity. When it comes to Sarah's approach she is also involving her following by allowing others to offer up support and reviews of her on the wall of the group. It almost seems like she is taking the attributes of LinkedIn (like former employer and coworker reviews) and applying it to Facebook in an alternative manner. I'm interested to see if any other pages like this pop up for more of the Facebook positions.
Check out her group here.

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