Thursday, March 4, 2010

MOBILE - Smart Phones and Senior Positions just posted an article about the use of smart phones and their demographics. This is a great opportunity to take SMS marketing and senior position recruitment into consideration.
Senior positions are notoriously difficult to recruit for but if you are able to get your foot in the door and start a dialogue and building a bond with them or even just keep them posted to your activities and let them know of the opportunities available to them, you liken your chance for that of a transfer.
It takes a lot to get them to take that first step away from a company they have been with for a while. You have to address their frustrations with their current company but in a way that they will not jump in to defend it, offering a sympathetic voice, possibly one of other employees that left others to come to your company.
Then take a chance to address the opportunities and your unique selling points of your company in contrast to their current frustrations. Show them what they have to benefit by coming to your company.
Time, investment and a lot of effort go into building a career within a company and it is important to understand everything that the candidates have done to achieve their position. A simple $2,000 sign on bonus on top of what they are already making doesn’t really compare to 15 years of experience and loyalty.
It is not just the aspects of the job that should be addressed, but also the location and ways it can benefit their family. You are not just selling a job with your company but a chance for a lifestyle change.
Much of this depends on more than a simple SMS text, but it is the text that potentially opens the door for the rest of your message by drawing on a willing and interested audience.

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