Friday, September 5, 2008

COLLEGE - what's hot on campus: popups.

Finding innovative ways to catch your targets off guard can help bolster top of mind awareness and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Right now it seems the hot new thing on campuses are pop-up stores. Though right now they are just retail locations making money off the student body roaming the quads and student centers it is not too far off an idea to try doing this with a recruitment booth.

Setting up a simple booth in the engineering or science area and passing out information, promotional items, or even food (everyone loves free doughnuts!) is a great way to generate buzz about your company and what positions you are hiring. Pass out hot cocoa on the cold fall days approaching and slip a business card to the cold students as well. Let them know you are going to be at the upcoming job fair and give them warning about exactly what you want them to bring to your booth and your company. This added exposure really helps when building that initial connection between your candidates and your company.

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