Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SOCIAL NETWORKING - LinkedIn To Launch Its Own Ad Network

LinkedIn is now offering a new way to reach out to their potential target markets available to marketers and recruiters.

The difference in what is becoming available is the ability to specially target your message based on information that is not readily available through open profiles. Information include industry, gender, job function, company size, and geography lend themselves to the ability to produce highly targeted messages to audiences.

This is a great chance for recruiters to specifically target candidates in their geographic area and within specific industries while closely watching their ad dollars.

LinkedIn is on the rise within the social networking circles and continues to carve out its niche as the place for business networking, leaving Facebook, MySpace, and Classmates to high school friends. Plans are for multi-language versions of LinkedIn to begin rolling out in additional international markets within the year. Plans for mobile applications are in the works as well.


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