Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GOVERNMENT - CIA Turns to Mainstream Media for Recruiting

Spotted something from the AdAge twitter feed about the CIA's recruitment methods.
Evidently they are working with radio right now, you might remember some of the ads that ran on the Discovery Channel, and it looks like their website now includes past print ads, a top 10 reasons to work for the CIA list, and many other items of interest.
With something like the CIA I would expect something a bit more involving and maybe something that makes the candidates take some action. What about working with geocaching groups? Grabbing people that seem to like exploring, adventuring and have some kind of know how when it comes to something a little nontraditional and working on problem solving. It would be great to see a campaign that would utilize either regular GPS units or even Google's new tool for GPS tracking. It could be a great fit with the college crowd and could probably generate a fair amount of buzz. Thoughts?

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