Thursday, March 26, 2009


I found this article on talking about recruiting trends as they continue to change. Recently recruiters have found ways to use social networking to their advantage. Twitter is a good example that recruiters have put into power by announcing open positions and staying connected with the unemployed. With the increased unemployment rate, it is less necessary for employers to use talent strategists to conduct their employee search. Essentially each social network is an online resume that the employer can quickly tap into and interact with the candidate. In turn, the job seeker is able to connect with your company, getting a feel for it as well as the people behind it. Creating social networking for your company is a great way to build on your employment brand by engaging and interacting with job seekers, forming a bond. Employees tend to become more loyal to companies that are true and open to employee input. It seems that they are more likely to stay longer with the company and build a stronger team when provided with quick and easily accessible training outlets. An example of this can be online videos that are posted onto YouTube, or job specific discussion boards on Facebook where they can bounce ideas off other individuals within the company they work for. There are so many ways on the internet to connect and grow your company's profile. I wonder where this will take recruiting in the next year from the more traditional means of recruitment advertising? It's interesting to see how people view this rapidly changing industry. Check out the comments below the article in this link:'s Hot What are your thoughts?

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