Monday, March 2, 2009

GOVERNMENT - Royal Navy "Get the Message"
I was browsing around and came across a post about the Royal Navy's "Get the Message."

How does it work? Users go to the site and pick a method of delivery for the message and then type in the message and email out to either a group of people or just one person.

The only thing I worry about is how passive the placement is unless they follow it up with more active recruitment emails at a later date. The video is nice and flashy and that may be enough to hook the curious about checking our more information.

What are your thoughts on the piece?



livthedream said...

Jsut wanted to say that I served with teh female officer that is in teh beggining, she was teh Nav Officer and later Comms Officer on HMS Manchester.

But its a good site and abit of fun, but i think it encoraged alot to seek more information, as it showed there potential jobs in action so to speak.

Patriot said...

Thanks for the comment!