Tuesday, December 9, 2008

INTERNET - 100 tips to find a new job

I stumbled across this today while hunting for different types of video campaigns done by companies hiring. This is a site called 100 Cheer Girl that was created by Soft Bank Human Capital in Japan (yes, it seems that I have been on an Asia recruiting kick lately...) and the videos show 100 girls offering advice with how to find success in your career and finding a job. So far I have only found this offered in Japanese.
The campaign consisted of it's own web page along with a youtube.com page that contains all the videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/100cheergirl
Evidently there was a quiz that popped up that tackled the videos and what they covered. Granted, in America this might not have been quite so politically correct but the idea kind of reminds me of an extended version of a coal companies website that had videos about the facts of mining and the company's history that candidates were then offered a pop quiz over. Developing something like this that tackled various positions within your company and then offering some kind of way to quiz followers and display results and maybe ranking could be a great way to involve your candidates.

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