Friday, October 31, 2008

RECRUITING - Building the Right Team, With the Right Stuff, in the Right Way

This is a great article that touches on the steps that should be considered when searching for a new candidate to join your team.

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The problem recruiters run into by expediting the hiring process is basing decisions primarily on hard skills and job description, that is, hiring the resume instead of the candidate. Key elements should be considered when selecting an addition to your team. This includes performance objectives, behaviors, values, character traits, and soft competencies. When it comes to the hiring process it is important that recruiters evaluate the company and its employees. This could include benchmarking the top performers or key traits of the company's best performers. Gathering this information puts you in control of the hiring process and improves your company's chances of developing that "dream team"-one that you specifically targeted due to the results of your company performance research. Have you found these steps to be successful in your hiring process? Let us know your experiences.

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