Wednesday, October 8, 2008

PRINT - PerceptGulf adds a little twist to the recruitment ad when hiring for multiple positions

Perceptgulf came up with a nice way to seperate the different divisions that they were hiring for by taking a product integral to their industry and dividing the areas out that make the item up.
Visually it is a nice way to convey all the positions are equal coming together to create something great. If you find yourself running laundry lists for recruitment ads, why not think about different ways to represent your openings?

It might mean setting aside a little extra money to run larger more noticable ads (but not as often) and in the end it will probably be worth it by being more notable than a smaller text list of positions. Try to remain consistant when sending your message out but don't be afraid to reach out with new direction.

This was a nice fresh and new direction taken to display divisions for:
  • Copy - writer, proofreader
  • Art - art director, graphic designer
  • Production - co-ordinator
  • Client Servicing - (can't quite make out the first one...), account manager, account executive

What are your thoughts on this approach?

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