Thursday, July 24, 2008

GENERATION- Talkin' 'bout the Silent & Boomer Generation

(Perhaps The Zimmers, whose average age is 80, are a little too busy recording to apply...)

Though the late Silent (1925-1945) & Baby Boomer (1946-1964) generations are retiring from their lifelong careers, they are not necessarily leaving the workforce. Some don't always have the money to stop working and some are looking to continue learning or are simply unwilling to remain idle in their retired days. This is opening up a work force that may not be solely focused on money but the social aspects of their jobs. More websites are popping up online that are specifically targeting the older generation but don't limit yourself to an online approach!

With the ability to target households with direct mail and with researching specific geographic demographics you have the potential to find this older generation and approach them with traditional media. Get your message into their hands with invitations to career fairs and open houses, slip into the mailed coupon envelopes or reach out to them with a postcard direct mail detailing what your company can offer them.

Certain industries have seen a decline in applicants from the younger generation that they had been pulling from up until now; though once redefining their target candidates they opened up a door to a whole new applicant flow. While some industries are having problems with key employees retiring, turn this to your advantage and seek out this potential workforce.

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