Friday, July 11, 2008

RECRUITMENT VIDEO - HEB's Leadership Program

HEB created a video to explain what to expect of their leadership program along with the benefits that the program offers. This video uses a variety of levels of employees including the Houston and San Antonio President and those on the retail level of experience.

Using this testimonial design in combination with the youthful layouts and music really helps the video break away from some of the traditional videos that are produced for internal distribution. This video assists in showing the diversity of the company both in jobs available and the employees working there.

There are two main ways we have come across videos being displayed. They include embedding the video on your website or uploading to a site like YouTube and then embedding the link that them connects to YouTube.

Using YouTube to help display your video has the potential to give you needed feedback. Allowing people to post comments gives them a voice and a discussion can be started. You have the potential to have added testimonials in your comments section. YouTube does allow for comments to be screened before being posted allowing you to eliminate spam or inappropriate comments. If constructive negative comments are submitted, whether you allow them to post or not, you are able to use information like that to better improve programs.

Younger generations want to be heard and interact with their employers, begin this conversation now.

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