Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BLOGS - Houston Police Department Blog

Blogs are a terrific way to create an open conversation with your candidates. They allow you to create the topic of a guided discussion and allow your audience to interact by leaving comments and questions.

The Houston Police Department currently has an excellent example of a blog in which they update frequently and respond to comments quickly and consistently. The Houston Police Department has done a great job allowing an inside glimpse at what is going on in training and letting new recruits to post their experiences.

In some cases, it is the lack of awareness of what is to be expected of them that drives candidates to resist applying or quit soon after getting themselves into a job. By creating videos/blogs/forums and opening a conversation with your candidates, there is a crucial exchange of information that helps candidates to make an informed and more powerful decision. With this informed decision, you help to eliminate the candidates that run through training and quit shortly after because the job turns out to be more than they expected. Let your candidates make the decision to apply after viewing all the angles they can and help to save your company time and money.

Blogs are a perfect chance to showcase testimonials for working for your company and they also help in involving current employees. Open up a conversation with your candidates today and start building a relationship with potential long-term employees.

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