Monday, August 11, 2008

RECRUITMENT VIDEO - Recruiting Videos Allow Potential Candidates to Feel the Passion

ERE's Dr. John Sullivan has posted an extremely strong article on using recruitment videos to help attract candidates and convey the atmosphere of your company effectively.

Different types of branding and recruitment videos are listed and it might help when trying to figure out where to start. There is also a very well composed list of content to include in your video like mentioning your company’s technology, using employee generated videos and displaying the unique aspects of your work place.

They make an important point of including slight flaws of the company to help keep the image of the company grounded without inflating expectations. No company is perfect and by acknowledging this, it helps with the human connection between your company and your candidates. Let them know if something about the job might not be so pleasant, like long hours, but reinforce how employees are properly rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

I somewhat disagree with one of the last points about searching for negative videos and requesting that they be taken down. If an employee is posting a negative video on their blog or Youtube, yes you would be within right to ask them to revise or request it be taken it down but by doing so, it could work against you by appearing to be a company that heavily censors their employees. By at least matching the negative videos with your own, you are able to present many aspects of your company to potential candidates and with the information provided they are able to make their own judgments towards your company. One general company video versus an independent employee’s video may look like a valid statement and something to consider. Ten detailed employment videos over a broad spectrum of your company versus and independent employee’s video might cast the shade of a simply disgruntled employee. The information is out there and they are able to see the facts from both sides and they make their own informed decision.

Review the article and let us know your thoughts.

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