Thursday, August 14, 2008

NON-TRADITIONAL - NASCAR as a recruitment tool

Two years ago Congress required that 20,000 positions be filled for the US Border Patrol by 2009 and a Nascar Car #28 donning the logo and shield of the patrol was part of the campaign. In July the US Border Patrol was just 3,400 short of their needed goal. Taking an active approach of displaying your company among the sports and entertainment that your target candidates participate in is a great chance to boost brand awareness and help bolster the communication between your company and your potential employees. If you are a smaller community based company, don't forget about college team sponsorship and little leagues that are in the area. Developing a strong supportive presence in the community certainly helps with top of mind awareness.

Here are a collection of articles that have been written about the initiative taken by the Border Patrol in their use of Nascar to reach out to their demographic:

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