Thursday, August 28, 2008

COLLEGE - Wooing Grads with Green

As a heads up, next week I plan to work on all college recruitment articles since it is the kick off of school starting up again.

Anyway, I found an article on talking about reaching out to candidates with green efforts. The idea behind it is interesting although I am a little sceptical over the results that will be seen. Towers Perrin is going to donate 100 trees to American Forests' Global ReLeaf program for each of the 50 career fairs it holds.

There is too much of a disconnect between the applicants and the company attending the job fair. It creates a feel good "green" atmosphere but it does not involve the potential candidates. It would be a stronger message if it were something like "For every employee hired this year we will donate 25 trees to the American Forests' Global ReLeaf program."

This way you involve your potential candidates with making a difference and you could add a little bonus like sending out certificates to the new employees stating that 25 trees were donated in their name. This ties into letting them feel like they and the company are making a difference together.

Here is the article:

Thoughts on this?

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