Friday, August 15, 2008

INTERNET- Resolving The Loss of Brand Control Caused by Social Media

The following is an excellent article explaining the importance of staying on top of your brand in the social media of the internet. Although you might not have time to actively post and paticipate on the many social media sites that are popular, that does not bar anonymous posters from assuming your company's identity and posting for their own reasons. These social networking and media sites may not have the staff to maintain a constant review and verification of newly registered names among their domains and your company's name could very well be at risk of an unknown individual posting, with good intentions or not, without the approval of your company's departments.

Recently a page on Twitter was removed when someone posted as Exxon Mobile and chose to act as a voice for the company. At this time I do not know whether it was taken down by the individual or if Twitter removed the page at the request of Exxon Mobile. This article makes an important point about including a page on your main website or recruitment site that offers a listing or a official stance towards the social networking/media sites. This would allow all viewers to know exactly where the offical pages are and what are potentially misleading entries.

I believe the Twitter page was still up on Wednesday but it came down on Thursday. Check out the article; it makes some very important points that should be taken into account.

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