Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TRENDS - How to Avoid Eco-Fatigue

Gas prices have risen forcing many people to find alternative means of transportation, more companies claim to be going green and consumers are looking to contribute to the conservation efforts of environmental groups. Although this is happening now, how long will it last before the media and general consumers get bored and start looking for the new trends that spark their interest?

Although this article is aimed towards the perceptions and actions of general consumers the points are very easily applied towards current job seekers.

As for the 7 tips to avoid eco-fatigue, maybe relate them to your candidates like this:
  1. Be remarkable. - Find a way to market your jobs so that positions actively participate in the "green" efforts your company is making. Make sure they are able to see or feel the difference they are making while they work.

  2. Be green because it's something you value, not as a marketing gimmick. - If your company really doesn't do all that much in terms of "green" practices, don't claim to. Each company has their own unique selling point, if "green" isn't it, don't try to force it. If a candidate is searching for a "green" company and is truly dedicated towards that cause, they won't stay long if they see they were lied to.

  3. Don't be bashful. - If your company actively persues "green" approaches, don't be afraid to display this to your candidates. If your company has received awards, proudly display them. They help you stand out from companies that make broad "green" statements and have nothing to show for it.

  4. Make it fun and engaging. - Keep the message youthful and energized. Involve your candidates in your process and use it as a chance to develop your team's communication. Empower your potential candidates by letting them see the changes they can make.

  5. Partner with an established nonprofit. - Take a look around and find groups that employees may be able to work with if they choose to. Who knows, a strong candidate may have ties to the nonprofit.

  6. Invite consumers to join you. - Engage the community and allow for a chance to meet potential candidates. Invite local associations to take part in community events. Build your brand name with your involvement and caring for the community.

  7. Move beyond green. - Don't bet everything on "green" campaign. Trends change and you never know how long they are going to last. You company was built around core principles, find a way to work them in with your "green" message so candidates are not just left with a fading fad but an integral message of what your company stands for.

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